Digital Initial And Birth Month Flower Couple Print

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This listing is for DIGITAL FILE ONLY not a physical product.

Floral initial print displaying the two initials and flowers that suit each birth month.

This delicate, floral print is the perfect anniversary gift for your other half. Each print will have birth month flowers blooming from the leaves, two initials, names and establish date to create one truly bespoke gift.

If you'd like to discover what your birth month flower represents, simple look at our flower illustrations (with flower variety & meaning underneath) in the images section.

Flower Order: Please note, the flowers will be printed randomly. There is no order for the flowers, as we place them in an arrangement that will make the design look its best.

Make sure there are no errors in the text, it will be printed exactly as in order.

The file will be set up to A4 size and can also be printed on A6-A5 size paper. If you need different dimensions please let us know while placing the order.