Meaningful Flowers Birthday Print

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Intoducing this gorgeous Meaningful Flowers Birthday Print - a personalised masterpiece that captures the beauty and sentiment of nature's most delicate blooms.

Introducing our Meaningful Flower Digital Print - a personalised masterpiece that captures the beauty and sentiment of nature's most delicate blooms. This thoughtfully crafted artwork allows you to create a unique and heartfelt gift for your loved ones, tailored to their birth month and personal preferences.

Here at Vintage Designs Reborn, we create bespoke, high-quality prints for you and your loved ones.Flower Order: Please note, that the flowers will be printed randomly. There is no order for the flowers, as we place them in an arrangement that will make the bunch look its best. Max. 5 flowers.

How to order:

- Enter Full name and birth date or other personalisation into box provided e.g. Sharon Grace Hamilton, 12 May 1966 (max. 100 characters)

- Personalised Birth Month Flower: Begin by selecting the recipient's birth month flower (examples and flower names in images.) With 12 stunning illustrations to choose from, you can celebrate their special day with a bloom that holds a unique connection to their birth month.

- Create Your Unique Bunch: To make this gift even more special, you can select up to four additional flower illustrations (meaningful flower examples and names in images) to compose a one-of-a-kind bouquet. Each of these blooms carries its own distinctive and heartfelt meaning, allowing you to curate a bouquet that speaks directly to the recipient's heart.

We're delighted to enhance your Meaningful Flower Print purchase with a free printout that provides insight into the chosen flowers (example also in images). This will include illustrations, the names of the flowers, and their associated meanings, allowing the recipient to better appreciate the thought and sentiment behind your gift.

The attachment can be easily added to your wrapped gift to share with the recipient, enriching their experience and understanding of the bouquet you've created just for them. This added element of personalisation will make your gift even more special and meaningful.

Paper: 230gms high-quality archival matt paper
Prints are available in two sizes: A5 and A4 print only or mounted and framed in both sizes.

Optional frame, white or black: made in the UK, 35mm wide solid wood frame with perspex for safety

A5 & A4 size print only,
or when A5 mounted and framed 12"x14" (approx. 30x35cm)
A4 print mounted - 11"x14" (approx. 28x35cm), when framed 13"x16" (approx. 33x40cm)